Why you should visit Bruges with a guide

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Why you should visit Bruges with a guide

The best way to describe Bruges to someone who has never been is like stepping into a fairy-tale. The cobbled streets, perfectly preserved medieval architecture and the world-class art are just some of the things that make visitors fall in love with our gorgeous city. Bruges is best seen in the company of a local who can tell you stories and take you places off the beaten track. Accommodation in central Bruges can be expensive and in demand. Green Park Hotel is a short distance from the action so you can easily commute to the centre while still enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

To Learn the Secrets of Bruges

Did you know that Bruges has more castles per square inch than any other country in the world? Or that every day, a vial carrying a cotton pad believed to have a dab of the actual blood of Christ on it, is displayed from the Basilica of the Holy Blood? There are so many fascinating secrets about Bruges that you’d never learn from a guidebook. Take a walking tour, many of which are free, to really get to know the secrets of Bruges. One of our best-kept secrets is a beautiful secret garden off the beaten track that you wouldn’t find on your own. The roof of a small house in Bruges was rotting away until some neighbours reclaimed the space and made something beautiful out of it. It’s now a community garden with pots, herbs, flowers and wild growth. It’s now one of the prettiest spaces in Bruges.

To Drink Some of the Worlds Best Beer

Bruges has Belgian beer at its heart, literally. Every hour, twelve thousand bottles of Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik flow beneath the streets of Bruges in an underground pipeline from De Halve Maan Brewery. Yes, Bruges is dotted with breweries, bars, pubs and restaurants selling Belgian beer, but how do you decide which is best? A great guide will take you to the brewery to taste the fruit of their labour at the source; it doesn’t get any fresher than that! Even if beer isn’t your favourite, there is such a wide variety of strengths and flavours (ranging from fruit to chocolate and everything in between), you’ll find something to suit your taste. Great guides will know the best drinking spots.

To Taste Delicious Belgian Chocolate

Nowhere in the world has chocolate as famous as the chocolate you’ll find in Belgium, and you won’t find yourself short of chocolate shops in Bruges. Find a guide to take you to the independent and family-run shops to get the real Brugean chocolate experience. Taste delicious, homemade chocolate right at the heart of its homeland in Dumon Chocolatier, which looks like it’s straight out of a Disney fairytale. Sample the freshly made chocolates, truffles, caramel and pralines or try something a little more unusual like chilli chocolate. Book a chocolate and beer tour of Bruges to enjoy the best Belgian produce from someone who knows their stuff.

To Hear Stories of Haunted Bruges

Everyone loves a spooky story and Bruges has no shortage of myths and legends to get the hairs standing on the back of your neck. You can enjoy a free Legends of Bruges walking tour that will take you around churches, bridges, and canals, each with its own spooky real-life nightmares. Your guide will take you to the old Augustinian Monastery, where the ghost of a monk searches for the nun he murdered because she tried to run from him. Their ghosts are said to still roam Den Noodt Gods. You can also visit the site of the tragic story of Minnewater Lake, also known as the Lake of Love’. Legend where a sailor’s daughter, Minna, died in the arms of her star-crossed lover, the young warrior Stromberg. Your local guide will have heard these legends from a young age and will try their best to spook you! Before you plan your tours in Bruges, find a perfect hotel to rest your feet after a day of exploring. Green Park Hotel offers a comfortable, stylish place to stay on the edge of the city. Find exclusive special offers and best available rates when you book directly on our website.

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