What to do in Bruges on a rainy day?

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The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Bruges

Bruges is visited by foodies and culinary enthusiasts from all over the world throughout the year. We pride ourselves as an inclusive and welcoming city to all visitors, that includes those with special dietary requirements. If you’re on a gluten-free diet or have Celiac disease, it can be hard to find a place that caters to your needs and understands the complexities of your diet. You have nothing to fear in Bruges, a city that has plenty of options for a gluten-free feast. There aren’t any exclusively gluten-free restaurants or cafes, but most have options to cater to multiple dietary restrictions. Enjoy some of these delicious options.

That’s Toast

We know what you’re thinking. How could a café with toast in the name possibly be a place for celiacs? That’s Toast have an extension of brunch items which can be modified for gluten-free diets, so you don’t have to miss out. They have sweet and savoury toasts, tasty friend breakfasts, poke bowls, fruits and grains and a huge drinks menu with everything you could hope for, hot and cold. Their website has a clear chart of what’s suitable for different restrictions, with plenty of options for all diets. Book an indulgent lunch for both gluten-free and non-gluten-avoiding friends and enjoy at your leisure.

Books & Brunch

Combine your love for reading and your love of food in the wonderful Books & Brunch, a popular breakfast, lunch and brunch spot in central Bruges. Rated highly on Trip Advisor, this lovely restaurant and café has some excellent dining options, suitable for celiacs and gluten eaters. Being surrounded by books gives the place a relaxing atmosphere and it’s ideal for couples, friends and solo dining. Enjoy a selection of open sandwiches, soup, toasts and salads with a wide choice of vegan/vegetarian & organic options. Make sure to try their gluten-free homemade lemonade as a treat. Browse their wide selection of second-hand and used books and take something very special home with you.

The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree Restaurant in central Bruges brings together the tradition of Greek hospitality with delicious Greek-Mediterranean cuisine. Their menu and website both mention catering to all dietary restrictions, including gluten-free so guests will have plenty to choose from. Enjoy the freshest ingredients from land and sea, prepared and served with love by their kitchen and front-of-house teams. Their menu changes seasonally and each dish is freshly prepared using the finest, locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. It’s a popular spot throughout the week so book in advance if you’re planning a visit.

t’Brugs Pittahuis

Sometimes nothing will do except a sauce-filled, kebab with veggies overflowing, especially after a couple of local beers in Bruges. Take a trip to the unassuming t’Brugs Pittahuis to enjoy some of the tastiest gluten-free Middle Eastern food in Bruges. Bruges is an expensive city with premium dining options and t’Brugs Pittahuis offers a more cost-effective, casual dining alternative. Served with fries and beer, these delicious pitta-based meals have excellent gluten-free options making them a great choice for after-the-bar snacks. They also serve hummus, falafel, salads and Indian food as well as vegan and vegetarian options. Even the beer is suitable for celiacs, so no one misses out!

Reliva Bruges

For a no-nonsense meal with a cosy atmosphere and truly impressive food, try Reliva in the heart of Bruges. They describe themselves as a place ‘Where Food Meets Organic And Natural Wine’ and serve a fusion of French and European dishes expertly prepared by Chen Lien. Combined with a relaxed welcome from her husband Cédric, they have created a gem in the centre of the city. They have several gluten-free options and take care to avoid cross-contamination. You’ll need to make yourself known prior to arrival so they can best prepare your delicious celiac meal. Pair your dinner with a fantastic organic wine for the best experience.

Book a trip to Bruges and enjoy a gluten-free food tour. Green Park Hotel offers comfort and quality on the edge of the city, a short distance from main tourist attractions. We offer great value for money and a peaceful place to catch up on sleep after a long day of dining and exploring. Book using our website for our best available rates.

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